Founded in 2016 by certified ADHD coach Adela Baker, Mind Coach is an internationally recognized coaching service helping individuals with executive dysfunction or ADHD understand and enhance the way their brains work for a more authentic, balanced life.

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Adela Baker reached out to AKA with the goal to elevate her brand’s image and appeal to her international clientele and colleagues. She wanted to stand out in the executive coaching sector and appeal to her target client base. We delivered a modern brand identity system with a smart, organically rooted color story, then carried it over into an attractive, easy to navigate website.


Brand Identity

Print Collateral

Brand Imagery

Website Design


Photography: James Collier

Brand Identity

Using shape and form to represent individuality, interworking, connectivity, and problem solving, we established the Mind Coach identity by bringing the most foundational elements of Adela’s work to life.

Website Design

We delivered an interactive, attractive, and easy-to-navigate website design.  Custom animation and a strategic layout keep viewers engaged and lead them easily to schedule consultations and communicate with Adela and her team.